Street cleaning

All roads are cleaned every eight weeks, except for the A25 and A22 which are cleaned every two weeks. We are not responsible for cleaning private or unadopted roads.

A22 dual carriageway

We only clean the A22 dual carriageway section from the A25 to Wapses Lodge Roundabout when Surrey County Council has put traffic management arrangements in place. It does this when it cuts the grass. This is normally only done during the grass growing season. We cannot clean the road at other times or on request.

M25 junction 6 slip roads

The roundabout and slip roads at Junction 6 of the M25 are cleaned once every six weeks by Highways England. This involves closing the slip roads at night.

Dog and litter bins

We provide litter bins as an integral function of the street cleaning procedure.

The general practice is to provide litter bins where a requirement to dispose of small items of rubbish is identified. This may be in areas such as:

  • Shopping areas.
  • Picnic areas.
  • Promenades.
  • Car parks.
  • Adjacent to educational establishments.

Dog and litter bins are emptied one to three times a week depending on their location and usage.

You can report a problem with a full, damaged or missing bin.

General litter and leaves

Please report issues with general litter and leaves.  If the litter presents a danger such as sharp items, drug paraphernalia, asbestos etc please provide full details in the form.  Please report any build up of leaves under the General Item tick box.

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