Street naming and numbering

We set up addresses for all new developments in the district. Individuals and developers must not allocate their own addresses before applying for an official address through us.

We are also responsible for approving and registering address changes to existing properties. You need to apply to:

  • Name a new road.
  • Create a new address.
  • Change an address.
  • Rename an existing street.
  • Assign a name to an existing unnamed street.

We are the only organisation which can amend your address, except for Royal Mail in relation to the postcode.  Some other companies may claim they can amend your address, but it is likely to be more cost effective and efficient to contact us directly, rather than using a third party organisation.

Please complete an application form, with the location and floor plans showing plot numbers and door access.

Request it now

When we receive your application:

  • The site will be located and proposals checked for suitability.
  • You will be advised of the application fee.
  • If acceptable the address will be updated on the national land and property gazetteer.
  • The Royal Mail and other holders of address information will be notified.
  • We will write to you to confirm that the change has been made.

Further information is available in our Street naming and numbering policy document.

Once we have received your application you will be advised by a member of the Street Naming and Numbering team of the application fee.

Function Charge Note

Naming a new street


Charge for each new street name, not each application if multiple names are requested.

Changing an existing street name


Applies whether proposal is accepted or not. Applicant will be responsible for the purchase of new street sign(s) if application is successful.

New property numbering

£100 for first and £50 for additional properties.

For example one property is £100, two properties are £150, three properties are £200.

Property renumbering

£150 for first and £50 for additional properties.

For example one property is £150, two properties are £200, three properties are £250.

Changing a property name where there is no number


Only applies to unnumbered properties.

Changing or adding a block name

Adding a block name for a new development £250.

Changing or adding a block name to an existing block £1000.


Changing a property name where there is an unchanged number



Confirmation of property address




A copy of the Tandridge street naming and numbering policy can be viewed here: Tandridge street naming and numbering policy

Road traffic signs

Please report damaged or missing road traffic signs to Surrey County Council.

Please report an issue with a street name sign to us.