Cleaning up graffiti

Graffiti on council property

Please report graffiti on council property using our graffiti reporting form.

We are only permitted to remove graffiti from property and land we own. Removal of graffiti on council land which is deemed offensive will be actioned immediately if reported during the normal working week, or the next working day if reported out of hours or on a non-working day. The graffiti will be removed or painted over to conceal the content.

General graffiti which is not offensive, for example tags or unauthorised murals/artwork, will be actioned within 4 weeks. This period may be extended if the graffiti is located in an awkward position that requires specialist equipment or access.

Graffiti on private property

If there is graffiti on private property, this is down to the property owner to remove. If you are the owner, report it to Surrey Police. Graffiti is criminal damage.

Where the land or property is owned by a third party, the graffiti will be reported to the owner and they will be asked to remove the graffiti.

We will work with private owners to remove graffiti and if requested  we may undertake this service if the owner is willing to provide a disclaimer/indemnity for the services being undertaken. This approach is in line with many Local Authorities across the UK.

Graffiti removal from street furniture such as telephone boxes, bus shelters and utility cabinets remain the responsibility of the relevant private company they belong to.

The cost of graffiti removal is £69 per hour, plus a 6% administration charge. Where specialist or access platforms are required we will submit an estimate for the removal. The price excludes VAT but includes the cost of materials.

Timescales for the removal of graffiti on private land will be subject to agreement with the landowner to pay the fee and the completion of an indemnity form.