Dog fouling

Health risks with dog fouling

Dog mess is offensive and a potential health risk. Dogs can shed vast numbers of Toxocara eggs each time they make a faecal deposit. These eggs can be ingested by humans who can become ill and sometimes lose their eyesight as a result. Children are most at risk. 

The majority of dog owners act responsibly by cleaning up after their pets, keeping them under control in public places and putting the waste inside the dog bins provided.

How do you dispose of dog mess?

Always carry a bag or suitable item to pick up and contain your dog’s mess.

As with other waste and litter, please take your dog waste home if you can and dispose of it in your landfill bin. Alternatively use any litter bin or dog bin

What is done to reduce dog fouling?

We know that the streets have never been cleaner so most dog owners always pick up all the time, however there are those who do not so we want to increase compliance by:

  • Taking every opportunity to educate people to be responsible dog owners.
  • Including “Pick it up” messages on signs in our parks and open spaces and residential areas. We provide stickers for communities to use in areas with particular problems.

We will respond to any reports of dog fouling as quickly as possible or within one working day.

Please note that we usually only take such actions where there is a serious or persistent problem reported by members of the public street cleansing teams or by town and parish councils. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient staff resources to attend areas at a specific time in the hope that the offender will appear.

Dog fouling and dog bins - some of your questions answered

Can I use a litter bin if there is not a dog bin nearby?
Yes. However, where possible please use a dog bin. If neither is available, please take the waste home with you and dispose of it in your landfill bin. If you have to use a litter bin please ensure it is properly bagged.

I would like to request a dog waste bin to be put in the park or street near my home, can you arrange this?
Yes, however not all bin requests can be met with approval we have to consider location underground services, type of terrain, visual impact outside people’s property, smell, reducing width of pavements. You can also request a new dog/litter waste bin to be provided by your local town or parish council if agreed we organise the installation and emptying of new bins on behalf of town and parish councils.

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