Council tax discounts

You will pay full council tax on an occupied property if there are two or more adults (aged 18 and over) counted as living there as their main home. If there are fewer than two adults counted, a discount will apply. To claim a discount read the information below and complete the Council Tax Discount Application Form. If you are on a low income you may also qualify for Claiming Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

Discounts may be given in the following situations:

We do not count (disregard) the following people for council tax purposes:

1. People in prison, on remand or detained under the Mental Health Act.

2. People who are severely mentally impaired, including those with Alzheimer’s disease.

3. 18 and 19 year olds still at school in full time education up to and including A level standard.

3.  Children whose families get Child Benefit.

4. School leavers aged 18 or 19 who left school/college after 30 April. They will not be counted until 1 November the same year.

5. Members of religious communities, for example monks and nuns.

6. Students, student nurses and youth training trainees in certain circumstances only.

7. Carers who live with and care for a person with severe disability and who qualify as carers according to certain rules.

8. Non-British relatives of students who are spouses and dependents of students, unable to work or claim benefits because of immigration rules.

9. Apprentices working for a qualification and who earn less than £195 a week before tax.

10. Members of designated international headquarters, visiting forces and defence organisations and diplomats.

  • Diplomats.
  • People in government youth training schemes.
  • People living as patients in a home to receive care or is in hospital long term.

If, after not including (disregarding) any of these people there is only one person left for us to count, we will apply a 25% discount to your council tax. If after disregarding anyone there is no one left for us to count we will give you 50% off your bill.

If you are the only adult, or the only counted adult, living in the property you will receive a 25% discount off your council tax bill.

There is no charge for any property that has been empty and unfurnished for 28 days or less. If the property remains empty after 28 days full council tax will be charged. If the property stays empty for more than two years, we will also charge a 50% additional amount on your council tax. Empty caravans and most empty mobile homes receive a 50% council tax discount.

Owners of empty properties in need of, of undergoing major repairs or structural alterations have to pay full council tax.

Usually you will have to pay full council tax on your second home unless you have to live in it as a condition of your employment. In this situation you may receive a 50% council tax reduction – we will ask you for information to help us decide whether you qualify.

Second Adult Rebate is worked out on the income of a second adult. This does not apply to your spouse or partner, but to someone who lives with you such as a grown up son or daughter or elderly relative. You can get up to 25% of the council tax paid, because if they were not living there you would qualify for a single person discount.

Annexes, garage flats and other similar accommodation being used as part of the main family home may qualify for a 50% discount. Annexes occupied by elderly or disabled relatives and unoccupied annexes subject to certain planning restrictions may be exempt. Please complete the council tax discount application form so we can consider whether you are entitled to a discount.

If your property has been adapted to meet special needs linked to a disability, you may qualify for a reduced council tax bill. Your bill may be reduced by one council tax band; even if the property is in band A, a reduction can still be made. Please read the:

If you think you may qualify and the reduction is not on your bill, please complete and submit our reduction for person with a disability form.

Some properties are exempt from council tax charges.