Appeal your council tax banding

You can appeal against the council tax band your house is in if:

  • The property value has increased because of building or other work. These changes only come into effect when the property changes hands so it is usual for the new owner to appeal.
  • The property value has fallen because of demolition of part of it, changes in the surrounding area or adaptations for disabled people. These changes should be notified to the council as soon as possible.
  • You start/stop using part of your property for business or the part of the property used for business alters.

Any fall in the property’s price since 1 April 1991 is not a valid reason on its own.

You can also appeal within six months of:

  • Moving home or having to pay council tax for the first time at your address.
  • A change to the band being made by the Valuation Office.

For more information, visit to appeal your banding.