Data protection and freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act assumes all government information, including information held by local councils such as Tandridge, will be made available unless there is a reason not to do so. There are some exemptions and the council is not obliged to provide information it does not already hold.

If you want to make a request please complete our freedom of information form or e-mail

Please give as much detail as possible including.

  • Your real name.
  • An address we can reply to - this can be an e-mail or postal address.

We can accept a request by social media, such as Twitter, as long as it meets the above requirements, but we will only reply by letter or e-mail to ensure we can provide a detailed response.

We have to provide any information requested within 20 working days. In cases where this may not be possible or there may be a delay, we will discuss how your request can be met. If the request requires exceptional effort, you may be asked to pay the costs of meeting your requirement.

Information currently available from the Council under existing arrangements, such as Land Charges enquiries or the Data Protection Act is not affected by the Freedom of Information act.

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Every council also has to maintain a Publication Scheme, sets out the type of information it holds, how the information is published and if a charge is made for the information. This makes a significant amount of information available, without the need for a specific request. In addition the Transparency Code categorises the data councils are required to publish.

The Data Protection Act 1998 protects personal data about living individuals (Data Subjects) and places obligations on organisations which process personal data (Data Controllers).

As a Data Controller, Tandridge District Council is committed to complying with the legislation by applying the Principles of Good Information Handling across all its services.

We keep personal information about you so we can provide the services you need and for us to maintain a record of those services. As a local council we need to collect, process and keep data in relation to our statutory duties.

The Council has registered its use of personal information through the Notification process to the Information Commissioner's Office. The Information Commissioner's Office oversees the Act. The register entry shows what the organisation is registered to do, it does not reveal whether or not personal data is held about you. If you want a copy of the Tandridge entry on the Register please contact the Information Commissioner.

  • To ask Tandridge if it holds personal information about you.
  • To ask what purposes the Council uses it for and the organisations which it discloses it to.
  • To be given a copy of the information.
  • To ask for incorrect data to be corrected.
  • To ask the Council not to use the personal information about you for direct marketing.
  • To ask the Council not to process personal data, which is likely to cause damage or distress.

You have the right to request a copy of information held about yourself. You may appoint someone else to apply on your behalf such as a parent/guardian or a solicitor. We will need from you:

  • A request in writing.
  • Evidence to confirm your identity eg driving licence, passport, utility bill.
  • Sufficient information to locate the information requested.

If you would like to make a request please write to the Data Protection Officer at Council Offices, Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0BT, or contact us. A fee of £10 may be payable.