Homeless or need housing advice?

If you are worried about your housing situation, please complete our self-help assessment or phone 01883 722000.

If you approach us and are threatened with homelessness within the next 28 days, we will investigate your circumstances to decide whether we have a duty to provide you with accommodation in accordance to homelessness legislation. For information on the types of help available and eligibility, please read Homeless: what help can I get from the Council? 

Please also tell us about a rough sleeper.

Other information 

For further advice please see the documents below:

Any young person aged 16 or 17 who requires advice and support about homelessness issues is referred to The Youth Support Service provided by Surrey County Council.

Nextstep is a housing service delivered by the YMCA, housing individuals and couples aged 18+ with private rented accommodation. They will help clients with limited means, who are unable to raise a rent deposit themselves, by offering landlords with private property to rent a bond as security for a deposit. Call 01737 378482 for further information and to apply.

Private Sector Access Scheme (PSAS)

The Private Sector Access Scheme (PSAS) is for families in need of urgent housing. We have produced guidance leaflets for both tenants and landlords that are interested in learning more about the scheme.

If you are a landlord who wants to offer a property that may be suitable for rent, please complete the Private Sector Access Scheme form.

You can get more information about private renting through www.gov.uk.