Apply for council housing

To apply for housing from the council or a housing association, you must complete an online application form to join the Housing register. If you are eligible, you will receive a letter explaining how to apply for properties using Tandridge Homechoice.

For more information about the Housing Register, please use the links below.

Tandridge Homechoice

Once you are on the Housing Register you can bid for a council or housing association property through Tandridge Homechoice. You will only be offered the tenancy of a particular property if you have registered a bid for it.

Available social rented (council and housing association) homes are advertised and applicants can express their interest in advertised homes in the areas where they would like to live.

How to bid

If you are on the housing register, you can bid on the website

If you have any problems placing bids you can contact customer services on 01883 722000.

  • Every week, from 00:00hrs (midnight) Friday morning, we will advertise all vacant council and housing association homes in Tandridge.
  • Eligible applicants on the Tandridge Housing Register will be able to bid for these homes.
  • Interested applicants will have until 23:59hrs (one minute to midnight) on Wednesday night of the following week to apply for advertised homes.
  • Applications for these properties can be made through Tandridge Homechoice. Full instructions on how to access the system are provided in our guide to using Homechoice.
  • Once the deadline has passed, we will have a list of interested applicants for each home advertised.
  • The highest placed eligible applicant will be nominated to the landlord (the Council or housing association).
  • The landlord will check the applicant's details and if they are satisfied, a preliminary offer will be made.
  • Each week we will provide some feedback about the properties that have been recently let such as how many people bid, what band the successful applicant was in and how long they had been waiting. This information in shown on the Recent Lets page of the Homechoice website. 

To help applicants to make informed choices over the areas in which they apply to live and the type of accommodation they apply for, we have produced a Housing stock list of council properties.