Housing transfers and mutual exchange

Housing transfers

Existing council and housing associations tenants can apply for a transfer to move to another property within the district. To do this you will need to complete a Homechoice application form

Council tenants transferring from family-sized general needs accommodation to accommodation designated for older persons or designated for persons over 40 years of age may be eligible for the Tenants Transfer Incentive Scheme

Mutual exchange

Most council tenants have the right to exchange with tenants of other councils and housing associations. This is known as a mutual exchange. You can find out more in our mutual exchanges information booklet.

If you are still within the introductory period of your tenancy you cannot exchange until the introductory period has ended and you become a secure tenant.

Once you have found a property, you will need to apply in writing to your landlord for permission by completing a Mutual exchange application form.

You must not exchange properties with anyone without getting written permission from both landlords. Your landlord will then have a maximum of 42 days from receiving your form to tell you in writing whether your application has been approved or refused.

A mutual exchange will only be approved if there is no cost to the Council, other than gas and electric safety checks. We also do not decorate or make any repairs to the property before you move in. Anyone moving in will be responsible for any damage, even if it occurred before the exchange date.

Homeswapper.co.uk is an easy-to-use online home swap service that helps you to exchange your home either locally or nationally. Registration is free for Tandridge District Council tenants.

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