Do you feel guilty for wasting food?

It’s estimated that one in five bags of food shopping goes to waste each week. Across Surrey that adds up to a substantial amount of food, but also money wasted. Did you know that an average family of four could save £70 a month simply by reducing the amount of food they waste?

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Is your home at risk of flooding?

5.2 million homes in England are at risk of flooding.  Don’t assume it’s not your home.

Even if you live somewhere that has never flooded before, flooding can still affect you and put your life, your family, your home and possessions at risk. In England, over 5 million homes are at risk of flooding, but a recent poll found only a third of people in high risk areas believe their home could be at risk.

Free First Aid Training

Surrey Prepared and The British Red Cross are offering residents in Surrey, who have an interest in supporting their community, a chance to learn first aid skills which could help save a life. The training, which is free, is being held at Oxted Fire Station on 26 February from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Your new wheeled bin for your rubbish

We are delivering a new wheeled rubbish bin to every household in the district. The majority of households will have received their new bin last year. Once your new bin has arrived it should be the only rubbish bin being put out on your rubbish collection day with your green food waste caddy.

We have implemented these changes following a formal direction from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which told us the back door service and lack of rubbish bin puts the waste collectors at increased risk of injury.