Joint statement from the 10 local councils surrounding Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport Limited has submitted its Northern Runway Project application to the Planning Inspectorate for development consent. Tandridge District Council is a member of a consortium of 10 local councils in Surrey, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex, which have come together to ensure their interests are represented. The consortium has issued a joint statement, which is provided below.


Godstone toilets to undergo a revamp

A contractor is being appointed to refurbish the toilets on Godstone Green. The toilets have been closed for some time due to persistent issues with legionella bacteria.

Council tax increase of 2.99% for 2024/2025

Last night’s Council meeting agreed an increase of 2.99% in Tandridge District Council’s share of the council tax for 2024/2025. The meeting also agreed the Council’s budget for next year.