Rethink your waste

Reduce waste and get rewards

Rethink Waste is a free scheme available to anyone living in the district. It offers a range of rewards for reducing waste.

Sign up online and access a personalised dashboard and access activities, resources and monitor your progress. Once signed up, you will receive weekly e-mails, which will include locally relevant, engaging and gamified activities such as pledges, videos and quizzes, designed to help you make small, yet impactful lifestyle changes.

By actively taking part you receive points, which can be used, to:

  • Enter competitions for exciting prizes like iPads and TVs.
  • Make donations to charities or local community groups.
  • Support local schools. Schools taking part could be in line to receive funding from the scheme to run an environmental project benefiting the school and its pupils.

Waste reduction is a key way you can help the planet as it means fewer resources are used up when creating new products.

Rethink Waste is being delivered by Surrey Environment Partnership, which we are a member, in collaboration with Greenredeem.

You can take part in Rethink Waste now by signing up online.