Has your bin been missed?

Recycling and rubbish collections 

Collection information 

Before you contact us please check you have put your bins out on the right day. The crews collect rubbish and recycling between 6am and 4.30pm. Please only complete our missed collection form after 4.30pm.

Sometimes our vehicles cannot access a road due to parked cars or there may be unforeseen delays to the service. These will be listed below and updated regularly.

If your recycling, food or rubbish collection has been missed, please let us know within two days of your missed collection using our missed collection form.

Recycling and rubbish collection updates

This list is updated the day after your usual recycling or rubbish collection day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

We are sorry the recycling and rubbish collection service has not been running smoothly and has led to delayed or missed collections. We appreciate the inconvenience this causes and are working hard to get the service back on track.

Please leave your bins at the edge of your property and we will collect them as soon as we can.

Thank you for all your support and patience.

The following roads will have their recycling, rubbish and food waste collected on Saturday 17 April 2021:

  • Church Lane, Chaldon
  • Doctors Lane, Chaldon
  • Hilltop Lane, Chaldon

Due to delays, the following roads will be collected from 16 April 2021:

  • Brewer Street, Bletchingley
  • Castle Street, Bletchingley
  • Hextalls Lane, Bletchingley
  • High Street, Bletchingley
  • Place Farm Road, Bletchingley
  • Roughets Lane, Bletchingley
  • Sandy Lane, Bletchingley
  • Springbottom Lane, Bletchingley
  • The Conduit, Bletchingley
  • White Hill Lane, Bletchingley
  • Beech Close, Blindley Heath
  • Cottenhams, Blindley Heath
  • Eastbourne Road, Blindley Heath
  • Edenbrook Place, Blindley Heath
  • Featherstone, Blindley Heath
  • Lancaster Gardens, Blindley Heath
  • Langsmead, Blindley Heath
  • St Johns Meadow, Blindley Heath
  • Abbotts Walk, Caterham
  • Adair Gardens, Caterham
  • Addison Close, Caterham
  • Addison Road, Caterham
  • Aldercombe Lane, Caterham
  • Alders Grove, Caterham
  • Alexander Crescent, Caterham
  • Alexanders Walk, Caterham
  • Annes Walk, Caterham
  • Anzio Gardens, Caterham
  • Auckland Road, Caterham
  • Avenue Road, Caterham
  • Banstead Road, Caterham
  • Beechwood Gardens, Caterham
  • Beechwood Road, Caterham
  • Birch Avenue, Caterham
  • Bourne Lane, Caterham
  • Brambles Close, Caterham
  • Brigade Place, Caterham
  • Broad Walk, Caterham
  • Bunce Drive, Caterham
  • Burntwood Close, Caterham
  • Burntwood Lane, Caterham
  • Buxton Avenue, Caterham
  • Buxton Lane, Caterham
  • Buxton Place, Caterham
  • Campbell Road, Caterham
  • Cedar Park, Caterham
  • Chaldon Road, Caterham
  • Christie Walk, Caterham
  • Clifton Close, Caterham
  • Colburn Avenue, Caterham
  • Coldstream Road, Caterham
  • Collard Close, Caterham
  • Coulsdon Road, Caterham
  • Court Road, Caterham
  • Cromwell Grove, Caterham
  • Cromwell Road, Caterham
  • Croydon Road, Caterham
  • Deansfield, Caterham
  • Dome Hill Peak, Caterham
  • Dome Hill, Caterham
  • Douglas Court, Caterham
  • Dunedin Drive, Caterham
  • Egan Close, Caterham
  • Eldon Road, Caterham
  • Elgin Crescent, Caterham
  • Elm Grove, Caterham
  • Essendene Close, Caterham
  • Essendene Road, Caterham
  • Everard Lane, Caterham
  • Fenemore Road, Caterham
  • Firs Close, Caterham
  • Foxon Close, Caterham
  • Foxon Lane Gardens, Caterham
  • Foxon Lane, Caterham
  • Francis Road, Caterham
  • Fulford Road, Caterham
  • Gaist Avenue, Caterham
  • Garland Way, Caterham
  • Georges Terrace, Caterham
  • Godstone Road, Caterham
  • Gordon Road, Caterham
  • Gowrie Place, Caterham
  • Grange Road, Caterham
  • Grenadier Place, Caterham
  • Guards Avenue, Caterham
  • Halton Road, Caterham
  • Harestone Drive, Caterham
  • Harestone Valley Road, Caterham
  • Hawarden Road, Caterham
  • Hawthorne Gardens, Caterham
  • High Trees Close, Caterham
  • Highfield Drive, Caterham
  • Highfield Road, Caterham
  • Hillhurst Gardens, Caterham
  • Holly Tree Road, Caterham
  • Homesdale Road, Caterham
  • Homestead Road, Caterham
  • Le Personne Road, Caterham
  • Livingstone Road, Caterham
  • London Road, Caterham
  • Longmead Close, Caterham
  • Loxford Close, Caterham
  • Loxford Road, Caterham
  • Loxford Way, Caterham
  • Macaulay Road, Caterham
  • Manor Avenue, Caterham
  • Matlock Road, Caterham
  • Maurice Avenue, Caterham
  • Merlewood Close, Caterham
  • Milton Road, Caterham
  • Moberly Way, Caterham
  • Money Avenue, Caterham
  • Money Road, Caterham
  • Monks Place, Caterham
  • Montgomery Way, Caterham
  • Nelson Road, Caterham
  • Nicholls Close, Caterham
  • Ninehams Close, Caterham
  • Ninehams Gardens, Caterham
  • Ninehams Road, Caterham
  • Oak Road, Caterham
  • Oaktree Walk, Caterham
  • Orchard End, Caterham
  • Park Avenue, Caterham
  • Park Road, Caterham
  • Penrhyn Close, Caterham
  • Pine Walk, Caterham
  • Poplar Walk, Caterham
  • Portley Lane, Caterham
  • Priory Mews, Caterham
  • Reid Avenue, Caterham
  • Rogers Close, Caterham
  • Ryelands Close, Caterham
  • Salmons Lane West, Caterham
  • Sergeants Place, Caterham
  • Spencer Road, Caterham
  • St Katherines Road, Caterham
  • St Michaels Road, Caterham
  • Stanley Street, Caterham
  • Station Avenue, Caterham
  • Stirling Drive, Caterham
  • Strathmore Close, Caterham
  • Sutton Close, Caterham
  • Taunton Avenue, Caterham
  • The Copse, Caterham
  • The Grove, Caterham
  • The Robins, Caterham
  • The Squerryes, Caterham
  • Thomas Avenue, Caterham
  • Tillingdown Hill, Caterham
  • Town End Close, Caterham
  • Town End, Caterham
  • Trueman Road, Caterham
  • Tupwood Gardens, Caterham
  • Tupwood Lane, Caterham
  • Underwood Road, Caterham
  • Vernon Drive, Caterham
  • Wellington Road, Caterham
  • Weston Drive, Caterham
  • Westway, Caterham
  • Whitefields, Caterham
  • Whyteleafe Road, Caterham
  • William Road, Caterham
  • William Sellars Close, Caterham
  • Windmill Close, Caterham
  • Windrushes, Caterham
  • Wood Lane, Caterham
  • Yew Tree Drive, Caterham
  • Badgers Wood, Chaldon
  • Birchcroft Close, Chaldon
  • Chaldon Common Road, Chaldon
  • Fryern Wood, Chaldon
  • Heathway, Chaldon
  • High Standing, Chaldon
  • Lavender Close, Chaldon
  • Leazes Avenue, Chaldon
  • Linden Drive, Chaldon
  • Marshall Close, Chaldon
  • Mount Avenue, Chaldon
  • Pilgrims Lane, Chaldon
  • Roffes Lane, Chaldon
  • Rook Lane, Chaldon
  • Sunny Rise, Chaldon
  • The Heath, Chaldon
  • Willey Broom Lane, Chaldon
  • Bramber Way, Chelsham
  • Briar Close, Chelsham
  • Chelsham Common, Chelsham
  • Chelsham Road, Chelsham
  • East Parkside, Chelsham
  • Harrow Road, Chelsham
  • Lodge Walk, Chelsham
  • Parkside Mews, Chelsham
  • Tower Place, Chelsham
  • Domewood, Copthorne
  • Herons Close, Copthorne
  • Herons Lea, Copthorne
  • West Parkside, Greatpark
  • Church Road, Horne
  • Hornecourt Hill, Horne
  • Smallfield Road, Horne
  • Whitewood Lane, Horne
  • Hilltop Lane, Merstham
  • Chilmead Lane, Nutfield
  • Church Hill, Nutfield
  • Nutfield Marsh Road, Nutfield
  • Brickfield Road, Outwood
  • Church Walk, Outwood
  • Gayhouse Lane, Outwood
  • Millers Lane, Outwood
  • Woolborough Lane, Outwood
  • Eastfield Road, Redhill
  • Hawthorn Way, Redhill
  • Alberta Drive, Smallfield
  • Baker Drive, Smallfield
  • Bridgeham Way, Smallfield
  • Broadbridge Lane, Smallfield
  • Careys Close, Smallfield
  • Careys Wood, Smallfield
  • Chapel Road, Smallfield
  • Charlotte Grove, Smallfield
  • Churchill Road, Smallfield
  • Cross Lane, Smallfield
  • Dyers Field, Smallfield
  • Geary Close, Smallfield
  • Grange End, Smallfield
  • Grange Way, Smallfield
  • Grasslands, Smallfield
  • Hathersham Close, Smallfield
  • Hayes Walk, Smallfield
  • Hollie Close, Smallfield
  • Kings Mead, Smallfield
  • Laburnum Court, Smallfield
  • Larkfield Court, Smallfield
  • Lone Oak, Smallfield
  • New Road, Smallfield
  • Normans Road, Smallfield
  • Ontario Close, Smallfield
  • Orchard Road, Smallfield
  • Park Road, Smallfield
  • Quebec Close, Smallfield
  • Raleigh Drive, Smallfield
  • Redehall Road, Smallfield
  • Redehall Road, Smallfield
  • Rookery Lane, Smallfield
  • The Cravens, Smallfield
  • The Woodlands, Smallfield
  • Toronto Drive, Smallfield
  • Tudor Close, Smallfield
  • Vancouver Court, Smallfield
  • Weatherhill Road, Smallfield
  • Wheelers Lane, Smallfield
  • William Gardens, Smallfield
  • Woodside Crescent, Smallfield
  • Byers Lane, South Godstone
  • Whitewood Lane, South Godstone
  • Bower Hill Close, South Nutfield
  • Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield
  • Kings Mead, South Nutfield
  • Netherleigh Park, South Nutfield
  • Albert Road, Warlingham
  • Cranmer Close, Warlingham
  • Cranmer Gardens, Warlingham
  • Daniels Lane, Warlingham
  • Farleigh Common, Warlingham
  • Farleigh Road, Warlingham
  • Green Hill Lane, Warlingham
  • Green Lane, Warlingham
  • Harrow Gardens, Warlingham
  • Harrow Road, Warlingham
  • Limpsfield Road, Warlingham
  • Sunnybank, Warlingham
  • Bournefield Road, Whyteleafe
  • Downsway, Whyteleafe
  • Godstone Road, Whyteleafe
  • Hillside Road, Whyteleafe
  • Hornchurch Hill, Whyteleafe
  • Maple Close, Whyteleafe
  • Maple Road, Whyteleafe
  • Portley Wood Road, Whyteleafe
  • Portley Wood Road, Whyteleafe
  • Regents Close, Whyteleafe
  • Salmons Lane, Whyteleafe
  • St Lukes Road, Whyteleafe
  • Whytebeam View, Whyteleafe
  • Whyteleafe Hill, Whyteleafe
  • Chatfield Court, Yorke Gate
  • Cornwallis Close, Yorke Gate
  • Darby Close, Yorke Gate
  • Drake Avenue, Yorke Gate
  • Fairbourne Lane, Yorke Gate
  • Howe Drive, Yorke Gate
  • Mansell Way, Yorke Gate
  • Montague Drive, Yorke Gate
  • Ramsey Place, Yorke Gate
  • Rowley Court, Yorke Gate
  • Seymour Avenue, Yorke Gate

If your recycling, food or rubbish collection has been missed, please let us know using our missed collection form.

Bin collections 

As there are more people at home, there is an increase in the amount of waste being collected in the district. Some waste collection services may take longer to be collected and there may be delays or the service temporarily suspended. 
To minimise delays, please follow these guidelines:

  • Put your bins out early and leave them out until they’ve been emptied.
  • Be considerate when parking your car on your collection day, because this will help to ensure the collection vehicles can easily access your road.
  • Put the right items in the right bins. Use the Surrey Recycles search tool to find out what goes in which bin.
  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce. Consider using an alternative reusable item. Read these tips on how to reduce the amount of waste you produce.
  • Compact your recycling into bins as much as possible to maximise space and only put bins out when they’re full.
  • Start composting at home. You can buy a compost bin at a reduced rate, but if you’d like to compost all your food waste, consider buying a waste digester.

Read the latest guidance on how to deal with your waste if you're self-isolating.

Community Recycling Centres

We appreciate it may be difficult to store all your excess recycling and household rubbish. If you are unable to store it, one temporary solution if you live locally and have a car, is to take the excess to either the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) in Caterham or Warlingham, which accept recycling and household waste. There is also a large CRC in Earlswood, Redhill.

The East Grinstead Waste Recycling Site is open and allows access to residents who live in certain postcodes in the south of the district.

Only vehicles can enter the CRC's, you will be turned away if you are a pedestrian. Please be aware long queues could form on surrounding roads and we would recommend you visit either later the same day or on another day.

These centres are open, but please check before you travel what items are accepted, the centres opening hours and Covid-19 safety measures in place. We understand visiting one of these centres won’t be possible for everyone currently affected by the delays.

  • Caterham CRC is open every day from 8am to 4pm except on Thursday when it is closed.
  • Warlingham CRC is only open on Thursday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm.
  • The Earlswood CRC in Redhill is open every day and at the weekend from 9am to 4pm. 

Garden waste

To report a missed garden waste collection please call the Green Waste Club on 0800 0858 286.

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