Has your bin been missed?

Please put your bin at the edge of your property before 6am on the day of your collection. All vehicles have CCTV footage and if your bins are not in the right place at the right time, the crew will not return.

Rubbish and recycling collections

If your recycling, food or rubbish collection has been missed, please let us know by completing the missed collection form within two working days of your scheduled collection date.

Garden waste collections

To report a missed garden waste collection, please call the Green Waste Club on 0800 0858286, e-mail gwc@biffa.co.uk or log into your online account at www.greenwasteclub.co.uk. Missed collections need to be reported within two working days of your scheduled collection date.

Community recycling centres

  • Caterham CRC is open 8am to 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Wed and Friday and 9am -4pm on Saturday and Sunday (Closed Thursday).
  • Warlingham CRC is open 8am to 4pm Thursday and Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday (Closed Sunday to Wednesday).
  • Earlswood CRC is open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

The East Grinstead waste recycling site kindly allows residents, living in certain postcodes in the south of the district, to take their waste there. Please note from the 12th February you will need to book online before visiting the site.

More information about the community recycling centres.

Bin collections 

To minimise delays, please follow these guidelines:

  • Put your bins out early, before 6am and leave them out until they’ve been emptied.
  • Be considerate when parking your car on your collection day. Sometimes our collection vehicles really struggle to turn into and along roads easily.
  • Put the right items in the right bins. Use the Surrey Recycles search tool to find out what goes in which bin.
  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce. Consider using an alternative reusable item. Read these tips on how to reduce the amount of waste you produce.
  • Empty, wash and squash your recycling into bins as much as possible to maximise space and only put bins out when they’re full.
  • Start composting at home. You can buy a compost bin at a reduced rate, but if you’d like to compost all your food waste, consider buying a waste digester.