Tandridge Together Lottery

Tandridge Together Lottery LogoTandridge Together Lottery is a weekly online lottery, with a chance to win £25,000, as well as support good causes and local voluntary groups with fundraising.

Lottery tickets cost £1. Anyone buying a ticket can select the cause they want to support from those registered on the website.

50p of the £1 ticket price goes directly to the chosen good cause, with 10p in every pound going into a fund for the Council to distribute in the form of small grants, to a wide range of good cause projects who apply for support in the Tandridge district.

The rest of the money goes towards prizes and administration costs. There is no cost to the charities, projects and groups who sign up.

Tandridge Together Lottery is a weekly online lottery. All funds raised go to good causes that benefit residents in the Tandridge district.

  • Tandridge Together Lottery is a weekly online lottery with a draw taking place every Saturday night at 8pm.
  • Tickets are available to buy. The first draw was on 31 March 2018.
  • Each ticket costs £1 per week and consist of six numbers. Players must match numbers in a row to win. Prizes include £25,000 for matching 6 numbers, £2,000 for 5 numbers, £250 for 4 numbers, £25 for 3 numbers and 3 new tickets for matching 2 numbers.
  • Players choose who their ticket purchase will support. They can choose a specific good cause to support or for the money to go into a fund for the Council to distribute in the form of small grants to the local community.
  • There are a range of payment options.
  • Players will be notified by e-mail when they win. To claim their winnings they log in to their lottery account and choose to either have the winnings paid directly into their nominated account or donate their winnings back to the good cause.
  • 50% to the chosen good cause.
  • 10% to a fund for the Council to distribute in the form of small grants to the local community.
  • 20% for the prizes.
  • 20% for admin and VAT.

As you can see 60% from every ticket sold goes directly to good causes.

Good causes that support the Tandridge Together Lottery keep 50% of the ticket price of all tickets they sell. All the good causes need to do is market the lottery to their supporters. We will provide a website page and all marketing materials.

You can quickly and easily sign up as a good cause for the Tandridge Together Lottery.

Watch this helpful video to find out more.

We’ll need some key pieces of information to get you registered as a good cause on the Tandridge Together Lottery. This will include your organisation’s name, key contact and role, address, telephone number and e-mail. We’ll also need you to confirm your eligibility. To pay you your money we’ll need your bank details and we’ll also need you to provide a logo for your organisation to include on the tailored marketing materials we’ll create for you.

We can accept logos in most file formats. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’ll set you up with a default logo to start with and you’ll be able to change it and any other details at any time.

Any good cause operating within the Tandridge district can apply. The terms and conditions are set out below. If you are not sure you meet our criteria, please contact customer services or call 01883 722000 as we are really keen as many organisations as possible are able to benefit by being part of the lottery.

Terms and conditions for organisations joining the Tandridge Together Lottery as good causes

We encourage as many organisations as possible to join the Tandridge Together Lottery as an eligible good cause. As you will be joining under our overall gambling licence (Gambling Act 2005) we have to ensure organisations meet certain criteria. There is no application fee or any costs to you.

Your organisation must:

  • Provide community activities or services within the district which benefit Tandridge residents.
  • Have a constitution.
  • Have a bank account.
  • Operate with no undue restrictions on membership.
  • Be either:
    • A registered charity, with a board of trustees.
    • A registered Community Interest Company (CIC).
    • Any other constituted group with a volunteer management committee comprising at least three members and which meets at least three times a year.

We will not allow applications from:

  • Groups promoting campaigns which do not directly relate to the provision of community activities or services within the Tandridge district.
  • Organisations which do not do work within the district’s boundaries.
  • Individuals.
  • Organisations which aim to distribute a profit.
  • Organisations with no established management committee/board of trustees (unless a CIC).

We are also unable to accept applications that are incomplete.

The Council reserves the right to:

  • Reject any application for any reason.
  • Terminate the participation of any organisation with a minimum of 7 days’ notice for any reason, unless fraudulent or illegal activity is suspected in which case termination will be immediate.

We will provide your good cause with its own tailored communication materials. These will be professionally prepared PDFs which can be attached to e-mails that are sent out to your community, or they can be printed or posted around the local area. We will also provide you with your own dedicated page on the Tandridge Together Lottery website for your supporters to sign up, check results and see how much money is being raised.

Funds will be transferred directly into your bank account every month.

Every week we will send you an update which provides you with all the details. It will tell you how many supporters have chosen to direct their support to you, who they are, how many tickets are being sold each week and how much money has been raised. There will also be a dashboard on the website which will provide real time statistics on your campaign.