We do not have a monitored CCTV (closed circuit television) network or any cameras not on council land.

There are eight council sites which have CCTV. Most of the cameras are fixed focus and look at set points. They record in full colour 24/7.

Location Number of cameras Type Areas it covers
Station Road, Whyteleafe, council car park. Four fixed cameras. Pole and dome mounted. Main body of car park, ticket machine and entrance.
Station Road, Woldingham, council car park. Four fixed cameras including a number plate recognition (NPR) camera. Pole mounted. Main body of car park, ticket machine and entrance.
Ellice Road, Oxted, council car park. Four fixed cameras. Pole mounted. The review and renovation of cameras in this car park has been completed. There are x5 cameras covering fixed points including the entrance and ticket machine.
Queens Park Pavilion, children's play area, Queens Park, Caterham. Cameras mounted around pavilion, on Bowls Pavilion, and at play area. Pole and dome mounted. Around pavilion, on Bowls Pavilion, and at children's play area
Hillbury Road Recreation ground, Hillbury Road, Warlingham. Cameras mounted around pavilion and one dome mounted preset multi position camera. Fixed and dome mounted. Park access, main open space, around the pavilion.
Main Council Offices car park, Station Road East, Oxted (open to the public at weekends). Wall mounted fixed cameras. Fixed cameras. Sections of car park, vicinity of main building.
Stafford Road recreation ground, Caterham. Mast system with two fixed cameras and one programmed camera. Fixed cameras. The play area and adjacent footpath.
Mint Walk, Warlingham. Mast system with two fixed cameras, one programmed camera and a NPR camera. Fixed cameras. The main body of the recreation ground, the play area and Mint Walk, leading to the recreation ground.
Biffa lorries. Permanent fleet vehicles are fitted with four CCTV systems for crew safety and operational reasons. Fixed cameras. Cameras record views to the sides and front and rear of the vehicle whilst vehicle is in operational use.

Recordings are not monitored and are not reviewed unless there is a justifiable reason. Normally recordings are kept between 14 days and 31 days. Images for ongoing investigations are held until the investigations are completed.

We take people’s right to privacy seriously and ensure our cameras do not unnecessarily impact on people’s privacy.

CCTV Code of Practice.