Leader of the Council

The Leader is a councillor from the majority party who acts as principal spokesperson on council matters and works closely with the Chief Executive.

Our current Leader is Councillor Martin Fisher, who represents the Oxted North ward. His column below  is taken from the Tandridge Magazine.

Towns fit for the future

As an Oxted resident of 25 years, nothing has pleased me more than being able to share the proposals for the removal of the gasholder, as well as the first ideas about what the new apartments on the site could look like, during the RegenOxted Consultation.

I had the pleasure of meeting many residents during the launch event at the Council Offices on 25 May and enjoyed hearing their feedback on the gasholder redevelopment, as well as the Urban Redesign vision, which will transform the look of the town centre.

We have also been very busy working on plans to transform Caterham. The recent Caterham Masterplan Consultation was a similarly energetic and well attended look at some of the ideas and visions, which will help transform the town and develop its bustling day and evening economy.

As you read this, we will be involved in the process of analysing the feedback from both consultations and your views will be used to create more detailed plans and designs, which we will consult with you on again in the near future.

I look forward to seeing the plans for both towns as they take shape.

To stay up to date follow me on Facebook – search for Martin Fisher. You can also e-mail me at leader@tandridgedc.gov.uk or leave a message on 01883 732747 (24 hour answerphone).