Leader of the Council

The Leader is a councillor from the majority party who acts as principal spokesperson on council matters and works closely with the Chief Executive.

Our current Leader is Councillor Martin Fisher, who represents the Oxted North ward. His column below  is taken from the Tandridge Magazine.

Creating a vibrant future for our area

This year will see the first of our major re-generation projects start to take shape. I am delighted to say the Oxted gasholder, which has for so long been an eyesore in the town, will be coming down and a planning application from developers St William has been approved.

The actual work in removing the gasholder and making the site suitable for development cannot be underestimated. It is a complex and expensive job, running into millions of pounds. St William is one of the very few companies with the expertise and experience to do this, having already developed 11 other gasholder sites.

We are also looking to re-develop Ellice Road car park to ensure there are spaces for shoppers, visitors and businesses to park now and in the future. The plans are not to build a multi-story car park, but to build a car park with two decks making the best use of landscaping and materials which are sympathetic to the surrounding environment.

Meanwhile our planning staff are gathering all the evidence we need to create a robust and sound Local Plan, which will deliver homes for our area in a way which improves the lives of everyone creating the new roads, schools, shops and health facilities we desperately need.

All these changes are vital to ensure the prosperity of our district for years to come. Re-generating an area brings benefits, but I appreciate change is not always easy. I ask you to please bear with us - our overall strategy, of which this is just part, is to create a thriving district which is a great place to live, work and visit.

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