Chairman of the Council

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman represent the Council at local community events and outside functions and are civic roles. Both are appointed for a year at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May.

If you would like to invite the Chairman of the Council to attend a local event, for example to open a fete, make a speech or as a guest, please contact the Chairman's Secretary. Once they have confirmed availability you will need to complete a Chairman's form.

Chairman for 2022-2023

Our current Chairman is Councillor Jackie Wren. 

Jackie has lived in Oxted since 1999 and has represented the Oxted North and Tandridge ward since 2016.  She has been a member of the Housing and Planning Policy Committees and is currently Chairman of the Community Services Committee.  

Jackie has been the president of the Oxted Branch Royal British legion since 2017, a position which she feels honoured to hold. She is a well-known member of her community and has worked with many local charities, including the Oxted Carnival, Oxted Pram Race, Titsey Rotary and St Catherine's Hospice.  

Since 2016 Jackie has represented Tandridge District Council on the Tandridge Access Group which is a registered charity working to ensure access is provided for people with disabilities across the district. The group works with council planning and highways teams, businesses, architects and many others to achieve this. 

The Chairman's chosen charities for the year reflect her passion for good physical and mental health, regardless of age and ability.  

  • Clockwork: The Clockwork Charitable Trust is a registered charity based in Oxted, Surrey, which offers support and information to young adults in Oxted and the surrounding district suffering with depression and anxiety, with the aim of helping relieve this suffering. 
  • The Holland Sports Get Fit Club (HSGFC): This club is run by a dedicated set of enthusiastic volunteers who want to encourage more of the community to be more active, more often. The club runs free training sessions with experienced and qualified coaches who give their time free of charge.  

The Chairman is married to Mark, a former Royal Marine Commando and recently retired fire-fighter. They have a daughter Alexandra who attended Oxted School and currently runs her own business in Oxted. Jackie has worked in the health and wellbeing industry since 1990 and currently specialises in cardiac, stroke and orthopaedic rehabilitation, working closely with consultants across Surrey and Sussex. During her year she will be supported by her husband Mark, who will be her consort.  

Leader of the Council

The Leader of the Council is Councillor Catherine Sayer, who represents the Oxted North and Tandridge Ward. The Leader is the political and elected head and chief ambassador of the Council. The role is given to the leader of the biggest political group on the Council.