Chairman of the Council

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman represent the Council at local community events and outside functions and are civic roles. Both are appointed for a year at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May.

If you would like to invite the Chairman of the Council to attend a local event, for example to open a fete, make a speech or as a guest, please contact the Chairman's Secretary. Once she has confirmed availability you will need to complete a Chairman's form.

Chairman for 2018-2019

Our new Chairman is Councillor  David Cooley, while the Vice-Chairman is Councillor Lindsey Dunbar who represents the Limpsfield Ward.

Councillor Cooley has lived in Warlingham for 33 years and has represented Warlingham West since 2008. He has served on a number of Council committees during that time.

His chosen charity for the year is Warlingham Church Hall. Since 1990 the charity has provided recreational facilities mainly for Warlingham residents. It hosts many thriving club activities including badminton, indoor bowling, dancing and theatre productions as well as quizzes, children’s parties and a number of village events such as the May Queen, Christmas Lights, Remembrance Day celebrations and historical evenings.

The hall needs essential major works to the roof, drains and cloakroom facilities and Councillor Cooley is aiming to raise as much money as possible to help Warlingham Church Hall continue with its present functions.
The Chairman, who is married with four children, will be supported by his wife Pam, who will be his Consort.