What if someone does not follow the planning rules?

We investigate complaints about possible unauthorised developments and also monitor planning permissions and conditions to make sure they are complied with.

If you want to make a complaint about an activity you think does not have permission please use our planning enforcement form below.

Please read our Planning Enforcement leaflet which summarises our approach to planning enforcement or our policy to find out more about how we manage unauthorised developments.

Not all development needs planning permission, but the rules are complex so it’s always best to discuss any planned alterations with us and visit the Planning Portal.

Visit permitted developments to find out when planning permission may not be needed.

Immunity from enforcement action

If you believe any activity or work you have carried out without getting planning permission is immune from enforcement action because it has exceeded the time limit (10 years in respect of a change of use or 4 years for building or other operations and a change of use to a domestic residence) you can formally apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

How we manage unauthorised development