Driveways, hard surfacing and dropped kerbs

To get a kerb dropped outside your house you will need permission from Surrey County Council, but they need confirmation from us that planning permission is not required.

If the dropped kerb is on an A, B or C classified road, planning permission is needed.

For all other roads, you will need to contact us, setting out where the dropped kerb would be, how large it would be and whether you are carrying out any other works, such as erecting fences or gates, laying a hardstanding or enlarging your driveway. Once we have this information, we will write to you confirming whether or not planning permission is required.

When is planning permission not needed?

You don’t need planning permission:

  • For hard surfaces within the garden of a property, except in the area between the front of the property and the road.
  • If the area does not exceed 5 square metres. If the area is bigger than this, the surface must let water drain or have a soak-away drain or other area, such as a flower bed, which allows water to drain through. Water cannot run into the road.

If you think you need planning permission for your dropped kerb or hard surface, please: