Council structure, management and pay

Below are details of our corporate management team, their payscales and job descriptions, as well as the budget and number of staff they are responsible for. All the staff in the table below hold permanent positions.

Corporate Management Team

Post Grade Salary range
(Full time equivalent)
Departmental budget
including staff salaries
of staff
Chief Executive - Vacant SM4 £115,275-£130,185 £0 2
Strategic Director of Resources and Acting Chief Executive - Elaine Jackson SM3 £97,384-£112,294 £25,596,200 97
Strategic Director of Place - Vacant SM3 £97,384-£112,294 £12,565,200 130
Strategic Director of People - Jayne Godden-Miller SM3 £97,384-£112,294 £19,836.600 75
Chief Finance & Section 151 Officer - Grant Miles (Acting) SM3 £97,384-£112,294    

Structure charts

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The pay multiple

The pay multiple, the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the whole of the authority’s workforce, is 1:4.1. The ratio between the lowest and highest members of staff is 1:7.6. This is within the maximum ratio of 1:20 identified as a maximum pay multiple in the Hutton Review of Public Sector Pay.

Trade Union Facility Time

We do not recognise any Trade Union for the purposes of consultation and negotiation.

Staff can join a Trade Union if they want to and the majority of staff who decide to become a member join UNISON. We do not have a Facility Agreement with UNISON which means activities are undertaken in staffs' own time.