Emergency arrangements

Thursday 9 March, 6am

There has been no snow in Oxted overnight, so main roads should be clear.  Please check conditions before you travel and work from home if necessary.  

Council Offices will be open.

We aim to open the Council Offices in Oxted at 8am in the morning, as well as the depot in Mill Lane, Hurst Green. If you arrive at 8am and the building is not open, please be patient as someone will be there soon. Please do not phone the out of hours service. 

Please let the Policy and Communications Team know how your journey was affected by the adverse weather, so we can tell other staff who have not left home yet what to expect of the travelling conditions.

The car park will be salted, but not cleared. The ground and paths may be slippery, please wear appropriate footwear when walking from your car to the office. In adverse weather, cars are parked at your own risk in the car park.

  • Contact your manager to let them know - make sure you have their contact details.
  • Be prepared to work from home and be available to be contacted by your manager and colleagues during the day.

To ensure service delivery, if you are not intending to come into work, please advise your manager by 8am to help with service planning and information to customers. If you do decide to attempt to come in, please consider sharing your travel plans so that someone knows your route and to contact you if you don't arrive in good time.  

Remember that although advice on travel conditions is given, it is your responsibility to make appropriate work arrangements.

Please check travel conditions to make sure you can travel home safely. If the severe weather looks likely to continue, please take work home with you in case you cannot get in to the offices.

  • Please take care when travelling and wrap up warmly.
  • Check local and national weather forecasts before setting out and take warm clothes, food, water, boots, a torch and spade.
  • Drive with care, even after roads are salt treated and keep your distance.
  • Please let someone know your travel plans and make sure you have a charged mobile phone with you.

Anyone involved in business continuity or emergency planning is advised to make sure that they have updated and saved all Business Continuity documents in case they need to access it away from the office.

EMT members may also be Corporate Duty Officers. They should make sure they have access to all documentation and contacts.

Emergency Planning documents can be located via Resilience Direct.

To pick up your voice mail messages remotely:

  • Dial 01883 732758
  • Press * (star) key when the phone is answered
  • Enter mailbox number eg ext no you want
  • Enter your passcode eg 1234
  • Listen to messages
  • 3 to delete once you have listened to them

Contingency measures are in place to ensure treasury transactions can continue in the event of bad weather or other emergencies. Please read Treasury management contingency measures.

All information about council services will be posted on the bad weather service updates page.