Proposal to bring Gatwick Airport’s northern runway into use

Gatwick Airport has set out its proposal to bring its existing northern runway into regular use, alongside its main runway, as set out in its masterplan.

In Autumn 2021, Gatwick ran a twelve week public consultation on its proposals. All these consultation materials on its website.

We submitted responses  to the public consultation, these are:

Targeted June 2022 consultation 

Gatwick Airport carried out a six week public consultation in June 2022.
This consultation focussed on the updated proposals following feedback from last year’s consultation and further assessment work which has been carried out, such as:

  • Design changes to planned highway improvements
  • Plans for office buildings, hotels and car parking, flood alleviation and airport layout.
  • Updates on environmental impacts, such as carbon and noise.

All the details, including the consultation materials can be found on the Gatwick Airport website. We submitted a response to the public consultation.

Gatwick Airport Development Consent Order

Before progressing with its proposals, Gatwick Airport Limited will need to obtain planning permission from the Secretary of State by applying for a Development Consent Order.