Land charges property search

A local land charge is a restriction or charge registered against a property or piece of land. A search of the Local Land Charges register will ensure anyone who wants to buy land are told about any obligations enforced by councils eg protected trees, enforcement notices or outstanding grants.

Full local authority searches

In addition to a search of the Local Land Charges register, a full Local Authority search will include responses to the CON29 form which provides additional information held by the Local Authority such as planning history, who maintains the highway and building regulations compliance.

Responses to additional enquiries (CON29O) can also be provided if you require more information, such as common land or public paths or byways.

How to request a search

Search returns

We aim to return all local authority search requests within 10 working days. Results can be returned electronically by e-mail or uploaded to an online portal.

Buying and selling advice

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has recently published guidance on "How to buy a home" and "How to sell a home". This guidance has been developed following consultation with stakeholders including the Local Land Charges Institute.

Please find links to the guidance here: Buying a home  and Selling a home.  

You can inspect the Local Land Charges Register yourself using Land Charges Registrations My House. Click on the 'Map' link followed by expanding out the triangle next to 'All Layers' in the Layer List panel on the right hand side, scroll down and tick on the 'Land Charge Registrations' layer. You can then use the cursor to click across the area you are searching on to bring up any Land Charge Registrations.

We can provide all Enquiries of Local Authorities (CON29R) information for personal searches. Our schedule of registers document explains the information available.

Personal searches are not covered by our insurance, unlike those we carry out. We are not responsible for the information included in a personal search and no claim can be made against us if the results are not correct.

Any relevant information about roads and highways is available from the Highways Information Team.

You may also need to contact the water and drainage companies


Fee £ (inc VAT where applicable)



Con29 only (inc VAT)


(£180.08 excl VAT, £36.02 VAT)

Commercial Con29 (inc VAT)


(£217.50 excl VAT, £43.50 VAT)

Additional parcels (up to a max of 5 inc VAT)

£33 per parcel

(LLC1 £4.20, Con29 £24 excl VAT, £4.80 VAT)

Part 2 Con29O per question (inc VAT)



(£25 excl VAT, £5 VAT)

Solicitors’ own questions (inc VAT)


(£55 excl VAT, £11 VAT)

Refresher search service (within 6 months of the original search) (inc VAT)


(£55 excl VAT, £11 VAT)

Section 106 service


(£25 excl VAT, £5 VAT)

3.10 CIL questions (inc VAT)


(£25 excl VAT, £5 VAT)

Pre search enquiry fee


(£25 excl VAT, £5 VAT)

Expedited searches (inc VAT)


(£28 excl VAT, £5.60 VAT)


Cancellation policy: once a search has been accepted and processing commenced, a refund will not be issued in respect of cancelled searches.