Speaking about a planning application

An objector, a representative of the relevant parish or village council and the applicant or his agent may speak about a planning application for up to three minutes each.

All public speaking at the meeting is at the Chairman's discretion.

If more than one objector wishes to speak, a single representative will normally be asked to speak for all.

Professional agents may be used by any party entitled to speak, but no written submissions are allowed. Visual aids, hand-outs or other material are also not allowed.

Speakers should not seek to introduce new information or material not previously submitted with the application. This may result in the application being deferred for further consideration or public comment.

Public interest

Where there is considerable public interest in an application and a number of objectors want to speak on particular and different aspects, the chairman may allow additional speakers. In such circumstances, the applicant would be granted more time (up to a maximum of 6 minutes) to respond.


Usually the Chairman will ask an officer to introduce the application. After this the objector, the Parish/Village Council representative and finally the applicant or agent, will be invited to speak before councillors discuss the proposal. Speakers will not be allowed to question each other or join in the general committee debate prior to determination of the application.

If, you register to speak and there is no opposing speaker and you are supporting the officer recommendation, the chairman may ask the committee if they wish to debate the item. If not, the chairman will ask if you have any particular concerns you want to raise about conditions or reasons and if not, proceed to move the recommendation on the agenda paper. In these circumstances, you may not need to speak at the meeting.