What you need to submit with your application

We check all the information needed for a planning application has been submitted to allow processing to start. These requirements do not apply to householder applications. 

Please download our checklist (local validation requirements), which will explain how to find out what information you must submit with your application.

Other documents

You will also need to look at the following documents:

What we check

  • The checklist (local validation requirements) has been completed and information the applicant says is there is included
  • The Biodiversity Checklist has been completed
  • The drawings are in accordance with the validation requirements.

If you don’t submit the checklists, your application will be invalid and we will not check or process it any further.

What we will not check

  • We will not check that the completion of the Validation Checklist is correct, only that it has been completed.
  • We will not check that the completion of the Biodiversity Checklist is correct, only that it has been completed.
  • We will not check the quality of any information submitted.

Submission of all the information does not necessarily mean we will not require further information at a later stage. It is for applicant to determine whether information is required according to the Local Validation Requirements. If we find information has not been submitted the application is likely to be invalid and processing would have to start again.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Community Infrastructure Levy CIL is a charge on some forms of new development collected to deliver infrastructure improvements in areas such as transport, education, health and leisure, as development comes forward.

The levy is charged on a £s per square metre (sqm) basis which will be applied to all planning permissions granted on or after 1 December 2014. The rates that will be applied to qualifying development in this district is set out below.

Land Use CIL Charge (£/m2)
All residential development[1] £120
Convenience retail, including convenience based supermarkets and superstores[2] £100
Comparison retail Nil
Offices Nil
All other uses Nil