Organising an event or street party

Coronation Weekend

We are encouraging residents to take part in the events for the Coronation Weekend on Saturday 6 to Monday 8 May.

Saturday 6 May: The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort will take place at Westminster Abbey during a service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. If you would like to hold a street party or event, more information can be found below.  If you need to apply for a road closure, your application needs to be submitted by Friday 24 February.

Sunday 7 May: Coronation Big Lunch where neighbours and communities across the country are invited to share food and fun together. A special Coronation Concert will be staged and broadcast live at Windsor Castle by the BBC and BBC Studios, with several thousand pairs of tickets to be made available via public ballot.

Monday 8 MayThe Big Help Out where everyone is encouraged to volunteer and join the work being undertaken to support their local areas.

If you are organising an event, please add it to a digital map on the Coronation website,

Lottery funding for activities to celebrate the coronation

National Lottery funding is available to support community events celebrating His Majesty The King's Coronation. The funding is for events and activities across the country, to be held on or around the weekend of 6-8 May.

Grants are from £300 up to £10,000. Activities are expected to be small scale and led by the community.

To find out more and apply, please visit the National Lottery Community Fund website.

Organising an event

Before organising your event or street party, please read this information which will help you arrange it safely. You might also find the parks and open spaces section of our website helpful.

Events on land owned or managed by Tandridge District Council

If you are planning to hold your event on our land; in one of our parks or open spaces, you will need to complete an event application. We will need to check that the land is available on the dates you require it. We will also make you aware of the hire charge and any costs for repairs to the grounds, if needed. This full application will require event plans, insurance documents and risk assessments.

Pre-event enquiry form

For us to be able to make a decision about the event please complete a pre-event application form which will let us know basic information about the proposed event, such as the number of people attending, how long the event will be (days/hours), the location and any particular theme.

Once we have received the pre-event application form, we will:

  • Check the date, event suitability and licence requirements.
  • E-mail you to advise on any next steps. This may include a link to the full event application form and a checklist of additional information required.
  • Share links to other agencies you may need to contact, such as Surrey County Council Highways team.
  • Let you know about any additional requirements and what you should do before a decision is made about your event.

Event application form

If your event is a repeat; examples may be an annual fair or a country show, and you have previously been asked to  complete a full event application due to the size etc., please submit your new full event application form. You should still read the following guidance as it explains what information we need from you to enable us to make a decision.

Please follow this timeline when organising an event:

For sporting events taking place on the roads, please check availability with Surrey County Council.

Month/weeks before the event


Action by

12+ months before the event. Event organiser.
12 months before the event. Detailed event application received by Surrey County Council (SCC), including how they will deliver the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and evidence of consultation. Event organiser.
11 months before event.
  • In principal support given (or not) conditions stipulated.
  • Statement of the relevant legislation to be used (road closure applications only).
Approver (SCC).
10 months before event. Further engagement with critical services, local communities, councillors and other stakeholders. Event organiser.
9 months before event. Attendance at Safety Advisory Group (SAG). You will be invited to attend. Event organiser (invitation sent from SAG chairperson).
Months/weeks beforehand Activity Action by
6-9 months beforehand.

Contact us to make sure:

  • The event date does not clash with any others.
  • If we own or manage the land the event is on and if there are any charges.
Event organiser.
6+ months.

Draft a site plan and risk assessment which should include emergency access points. Contact us for an example if needed.

Submit your event application form. We will review it and contact you with our decision.

Event organiser.
6 months.

You may be invited to attend the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) if your:

  • Road event is over 200 people.
  • Event will attract more than 1,000 people.
Event organiser (An invitation will be sent by the SAG Chairperson).
4 months. Consider buying Public Liability Insurance Event organiser.
3 months Consult with local residents and businesses. We will request a copy of the notice/letter sent to residents. Event organiser.
10 weeks  Submit your road closure form. Event organiser.
6 weeks Do you need street trading consent? Event organiser.
1 month and 1 day Apply for street trading consent.  Please include the names, addresses and contact details of all stall holders. State the purpose of each stall and the local authority where any proposed food sellers are registered. Event organiser.
2 weeks Finalised road closure order. Approved by us.
2 weeks Road closure order to be displayed on lamp posts along the route. Event organiser.
Minimum of 10 working days

If an event will last no more than 168 hours and less than 499 people apply for a Temporary Event Notice.

If the event is longer or more people a full premises licence must be applied for.

Event organiser.
7 days All street trading consents must be submitted. If consent has not been applied for they will not be able to trade. Event organiser.
5 days Street trading consents will be sent to the event organiser to distribute Us.


Months/weeks after the event Activity Action by
1 day Ensure the site is clean and tidy after the event and all signs and notices are removed and disposed of properly. Event organiser.
2-3 weeks after a large event Feedback and debrief from the event to the SAG including lessons learned for any future events. Event organiser or SAG.
1 month 

If you collected money or sold items on the street for charity, you need to complete a statment of return and street collectors' details. This should be completed and returned within one month of the date of the street collection.

An electronic return may be made via the website.

Event organiser.


Contact Surrey County Council to:

If you plan to hold an event in the Tandridge district, whether licensed or non-licensed, like a festival, show or car boot sale, you will need to follow the current government guidance at the time of your event, and consider:

  • The timescales for planning your event, ensuring you follow any sector specific guidance issued by the government and/or the relevant sector.
  • Whether you need an event risk assessment, an event plan and an additional Covid-19 specific risk assessment addressing restrictions in place at the time of your event.
  • Consider any risks posed by holding your event and take out any necessary Public Liability Insurance. Further guidance is available in the Home Office guide.
  • What licences you’ll need to run your event.
  • What you’ll need to do if your event needs to be cancelled at short notice due to extreme weather or any other reason.

Organising a street party or a sporting event

If you are organising a street party, carnival, procession, or any other community event on the road, you will need to:

  • Apply for a Road Closure Order, as soon as possible, ideally 10 weeks in advance.
  • Apply to Surrey County Council for a road closure if you are planning a sporting event on a road.
  • Send us a traffic plan (if your street is used by through traffic), showing how much of the road will be closed and an alternative route for traffic. We will liaise with the police and Surrey County Council on your behalf. There is no charge for this, but we need at least 10 weeks' notice.
  • If you receive permission to close a road, please put up appropriate signs to let road users know of the road closure. We do not provide road signs.

Safety Advisory Group

The Tandridge district's Safety Advisory Group (SAG) advises on safety aspects for public events planned to take place in the district. The group consists of council officers and the emergency services and meets regularly to discuss large scale public events to be held in our parks and open spaces. The SAG requires a minimum of three months’ notice to consider events for more than 1,000 people.

The SAG occasionally considers smaller events, depending on the event and whether it includes things like animal transportation, bouncy castles, catering, generators, events over several days, managed road closures or heavy traffic and music. 

Events considered by the SAG would include:

  • Agricultural shows.
  • Marathons.
  • Open air music festivals or concerts.
  • Processions.
  • Sporting events.
  • Trade shows.

We will invite the event organiser to a SAG meeting if we feel the event requires one.

Bouncy castles and other inflatables

All bouncy castles and other inflatables must comply with the Health and Safety Executive PIPA Regulations and Guidance on ‘Inflatable Play Equipment’ such as castles, slides and domes.

Only employ suitably experienced and trained adult personnel, where the company are responsible for setting up, inspection, operation and supervision of the bouncy castle.

If you are to operate the bouncy castle ensure that you are provided with written instructions about the safe setting up, inspection, operation and supervision of the equipment, and that the name and address of the manufacturer or supplier is clearly marked upon it, along with the ‘manufactured date’. You must also ensure that the Annual Inspection Certificate is available.

Temporary event notice

You don’t need a licence for food, alcohol or entertainment, unless you’re planning to charge or open your event to the public, in which case you may need a Temporary Event Notice.

Add your event to our website

Once your event is organised and you are ready to tell everyone, please add it to our events webpage and we will promote it on our digital channels, including the news and events e-newsletter.

More information