Collecting and recycling your old rubbish bins

We are providing households in the district with a new black wheeled rubbish bin for their rubbish. When you receive your new bin, you can start using it straight away as we’ll only empty the new official council wheeled rubbish bin.

You can reuse your old wheelie bin or dustbin in many ways including turning it into a water butt or using it for storage in your garden, or it can be taken to either Caterham or Earlswood community recycling centres.

We’ve also arranged for old bins to be collected by our Street Cleaning team, at our bulky rubbish clearance weekends in December. 

At these weekends, residents can bring their empty bins to one of these locations and we’ll take them away and recycle them. If the bins have rubbish inside them, they won’t be taken away. 

The plastic rubbish bins will be made into plastic pellets, which are used to make other plastic items and the metal bins will be recycled to make new metal items.

Coast to Capital boosts economy in urban and coastal areas

Coast to Capital has awarded £789,774 Local Growth Funding towards projects in Caterham and Littlehampton to help deliver prosperous places. 

Research for the Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) evidence base has found that local urban, rural and coastal areas face unique and diverse challenges.