Key corporate objectives

Our Corporate Strategy provides a framework for us to deliver our vision for the district which is to be “aspirational for our people, our place and ourselves”. This vision encompasses the Council’s role in relation to Tandridge residents and business, its crucial responsibility in relation to the district’s physical environment (natural and built) and also says something about the kind of organisation we want to be.

The Corporate Strategy is comprised of key corporate objectives which are reviewed annually by the Council Administration, Strategy & Resources Committee and then agreed by Council. These objectives reflect a number of factors including key issues for residents, available 
resources, statutory requirements and demand for services.

Shown visually our vision and key corporate objectives are:











The key corporate objectives are delivered through our Corporate Delivery Plan which is agreed annually by the Policy Committees. The Delivery Plan sets out the projects and programmes the Council will deliver in order to achieve the key corporate objectives. The Delivery Plan also sets performance indicators and risks so we can monitor how we are delivering our services.

Progress against the Delivery Plan is reported to each Policy Committee quarterly. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee also receives regular updates about the progress of the Delivery Plans.

Corporate Delivery Plan for 2019/20