Quadrant House

In April 2019, the Council acquired Quadrant House in Caterham. The Council had been actively seeking the purchase of this property, recognising its strategic significance in the overall aspirations for the regeneration of the town as well as its importance in providing employment and safeguarding office space.

Quadrant House is a large, prominent, but outdated building with retail space on the ground floor and 39,100 square feet of office space above. Its central location next to Waitrose makes the site a key acquisition in terms of shaping and regenerating the town and improving its appearance. 

The purchase is part of the delivery of the Caterham and North Tandridge Regeneration programme, which aims to make the area more attractive for people to shop and spend their leisure time in, as well as boosting the economy and creating more jobs. It also helps to deliver the Council’s aims for economic growth, as set out in its Economic Proposition. 

Work is now progressing on refurbishing the building and developing plans for a business hub. New tenants are also being sought for both the office space and ground floor retail units.  

An update report on Quadrant House was presented to the Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee on 13 June 2019.