Consultation and how to get involved

Consultation is a key part of how we prepare planning policies and a requirement of national policy. The way we have committed to consult on planning policy is set out in the adopted Statement of Community Involvement (2015). 

We have a contact list of people who have already told us they want us to keep them informed of consultation and to notify them of formal points in the process when they can have their say. If you are on this list or join this list you can then let us know your views about how policies are developing before they are formally considered for examination or adoption.

Our consultation portal is called Objective and not only enables you to register for notifications and updates, it also puts you in charge of ensuring that we have your most up to date contact details and allows you to submit your comments online during active consultations, or to opt out of future notifications.

Anyone who has already made comments on policy preparation and the Local Plan may already have an account, or will have had one created for them. When your account is created you will receive an e-mail from the consultation portal. It is important you keep this e-mail or make a note of your username and password which can be used in future consultations. When setting up your account, if you do not receive an e-mail, please check your spam folders or get in touch.

Your name will be published against any comments you make and anonymous comments cannot be accepted.

If you have not made comments on the Local Plan so far, do not have an account and wish to be added to the consultation database to receive notifications, you can do so by:

Any questions relating to consultation or registering for notifications can be directed to the Planning Policy Team using our contact us form.

What consultation has happened already?

We have carried out two stages of consultation on the emerging plan, both of these consultations were prepared to meet the Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Plan) (England) Regulations 2012. 

The initial public consultation on the draft Local Plan: Issues and Approaches (18 Dec 2015 - 26 Feb 2016) invited comments on a range of approaches regarding housing, employment, business and leisure needs with the intention of gaining early views on what the plan could include and the ways in which we could address future needs.

Over the course of the Issues and Approaches consultation, 5,202 comments were received, from 3,171 individuals and interested parties. All comments received and how we carried out consultation is set out in the Statement of Consultation (2016).

The Local Plan: Sites Consultation (4 Nov 2016- 30 Dec 2016) gave residents and interested parties an opportunity to comment on sites being assessed as part of the plan.

The Local Plan: Sites Consultation presented a number of sites for comment. Each site has been through landscape, ecology and other assessments to look at whether it could be developed or not.

As a result sites have been identified which:

  • Could be realistically developed.
  • Cannot be recommended for development.
  • Need more investigation before a decision can be made either way.

We received 4,722 comments from 1,762 individuals. These comments are being analysed and used to inform the next draft of the plan. A Statement of Consultation will be prepared to set out the main comments made, our response and any actions we will be taking as we go forward. The Statement will be considered by the Planning Policy Committee.