Monitoring and land supply

We publish an annual Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR).

The report must include information: 

  • About the timing and preparation of documents in the Local Development Scheme.
  • About the adoption of any local plan or supplementary planning document in the reporting period.
  • Setting out where a Local Plan policy is not being implemented and why.

The report is also required to specify the number of homes, including affordable housing, completed in the monitoring period and since the adoption of the relevant policy. The report is useful in monitoring the progress in implementing the Local Plan.

The following AMRs are available:

We also monitor the performance of our existing town and local retail centres. All reports are updated on an annual basis.

Housing supply

In the past, we have prepared a separate Housing Five Year Supply Statement which sets out the current supply of housing in relation to the Core Strategy requirement. Since April 2017, the housing supply is included within a comprehensive Annual Monitoring Report.

Housing Delivery Test and Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) is a government initiative to measure current delivery and encourage an increase in housing development nationally. It is included as part of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (February 2019).

The HDT is measured as a percentage of the net number of homes delivered against the number of homes required by the government in accordance with set criteria and in the Tandridge district.

The HDT was introduced in November 2018 by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and we are required to publish the test results annually.

All local planning authorities who deliver less than 95% of their housing requirement over the previous three years, are required to produce an Action Plan in line with Paragraph 75 of the NPPF (2019) and in accordance with the guidance set out in national planning practice guidance. These are the Action Plans we are required to produce: