Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan and Examination

Latest news

The Examiner’s’ Report was received on 27 February 2024. The Council is now required to make a decision on the plan and whether to proceed to Referendum. This Council’s decision and the Examiner’s Report will be published in due course. 

The Parish Council provided the following response and supporting documentation:

On 8 February 2024 the Examiner’s Clarification Note was received. This sets out the points of clarification now required by the examiner. Tatsfield Parish Council, and the associated Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, as well as Tandridge District Council, will respond to the note on or before 29 February 2024. 

On 2 February, the Examiner sent an Examination Arrangement Note which sets out the basis on which the examination of the neighbourhood plan will be undertaken.


The Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted for examination on 7 October 2023. The examination formally started on Monday 29 January 2024. 


Andrew Ashcroft (of Andrew Ashcroft Planning Limited) has been appointed as Examiner to conduct the examination of the Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan and publish a Report with recommendations.


  • All submitted representations have been sent to the Examiner. 
  • An Examination arrangement note and clarification note are expected to be received from the Examiner imminently. Once we receive these, we will publish them on the website.
  • The Examiner will go on an unaccompanied site visit. 
  • It is likely the examination can be conducted solely by the written representations’ procedure without the need for a hearing. 
  • Questions from the examiner are expected after the planned site visit. 
  • Further information will be provided as the examination progresses.

Submission of the Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan 

Tatsfield Parish Council ('the qualifying body') submitted the draft Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of the Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, to Tandridge District Council on 7 October 2023. 

You can view the documents:

We carried out a consultation on the submission documents (as required under Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended)) between 1 December 2023-Friday 26 January 2024. The draft plan and supporting documents were available to view online with hard copies available at the following locations: 

  • Tatsfield Parish Council, Aileen McHugo Building, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AG (by appointment only, please e-mail tatsfield.plan@btinternet.com).
  • The Bakery, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AG.
  • Sheree’s Store and Tearoom, 2 The Parade, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AS.
  • Tatsfield Village Club, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AG.
  • Ye Old Ship, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AG.
  • Park Wood Golf Club, Chestnut Avenue, Tatsfield TN16 2EG.

The following representations were received as part of the Regulation 16 consultation:

More information is on the Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan website.

If you have any questions about the Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan, problems accessing the documents or would like updates, please e-mail Neighbourhood Plans

Next steps

Once the Examination finishes, the Examiner will issue a report. If successful at Examination, the Council will decide whether the Plan should proceed to a public vote (a referendum). 


A formal application was made by Tatsfield Parish Council to designate the Neighbourhood Area and was received by the Council and publicised in accordance with the relevant Regulations. No adverse comments were received.

On 6 June 2017, the Council designated the Tatsfield Parish a Neighbourhood Area. The area is shown on this map: Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan area.

Consultation on the Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Plan took place between 20 February 2022 - 4 April 2022.

The Plan was then submitted to the Council in October 2023.