Energy efficiency grants

Action Surrey

The Council has teamed up with Action Surrey to provide all residents with free advice to reduce energy bills at home, along with practical help to access grants and trusted contractors to install measures to improve the energy efficiency of their property. Help is not just available for those who own their homes but also for tenants and private landlords can access some of the help available too.

Action Surrey can guide you to finding the best fuel tariffs and can help ensure you receive all the help and support you are entitled to from your supplier, such as a warm home discount off your fuel bill and support through the Priority Services Register. If you run into trouble paying your fuel bills, Action Surrey can also refer you to other agencies working in the District who provide free financial advice and who can help you explore whether you qualify for any grant payments to reduce or clear your debt to your energy supplier.

If you are interested in finding out about the grant funding available to make your home more energy efficient to reduce your energy costs Action Surrey can help. They have all the latest information on government grants to install wall or loft insulation, solar panels, or air source heat pumps (which are a useful way to heat homes if you rely on oil or storage heaters because your home is not on the main gas network). If you need a gas boiler but can’t afford it, they can also advise you on the latest funding available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). Through ECO your energy supplier may be able to provide you with some grant funding towards the cost of a boiler but how much funding you receive depends on the size of your home and the carbon savings made.

Contact Action Surrey to find out more.

Tandridge Council

There is help from the Council too. If you own your home, are disabled, have a serious health condition and are on a low income the Council may be able to help with a Home Improvement Loan of up to £5,000 to carry out essential works if your home is cold due to significant disrepair or is without working heating. There are no monthly repayments on the loan as it’s repaid via a land charge on your property if you move. There are also discretionary grants available for heating systems for some qualifying people. Home Improvement Loans and discretionary grants are only available subject to budget.

If you are a private tenant and you are spending a lot of your income on fuel bills because your home is not in a good state of repair or does not have working heating, the Council’s Private Sector Housing Team can give you advice and where necessary can liaise with your landlord to get the repairs needed undertaken so that being safe and warm at home is more affordable.

To find out more, contact Customer Services on 01883 722000.

Energy Savings Trust

Also provide free and impartial advice on energy efficiency and reducing fuel bills at home.