Energy efficiency grants

Action Surrey

Action Surrey provides free impartial energy advice for Surrey residents living in the private sector, working in partnership with us. Action Surrey can advise about energy efficiency improvements which can be done to your property, how they work and what the benefits would be. Action Surrey also manages a network of local trusted installers who can install a variety of measures.

Call Action Surrey for up to date advice on any grants, loans and funding towards energy efficiency improvements in your property on 0800 783 2503, e-mail or visit Follow @ActionSurrey.

Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership

The Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership comprises Surrey County Council (SCC), as well as the 11 district councils and Surrey Police.

The main focus of activity is energy efficiency and energy security (reducing consumption, costs and reliance on fossil fuels across our own estates and for our communities, encouraging greater sustainable energy management). This currently provides our greatest area of influence/opportunities and potential benefits for Surrey.

The partnership’s five year programme is set out in the Surrey Climate Change Partnership Report 2013, which details how Surrey authorities satisfy the requirements of the Home Energy and Conservation Act.

We have produced a report Home Energy Conservation Act report 2017 showing achievements in 2015-2016.