Temporary pavement licence

To help the hospitality industry recover from the effect of the Covid-19 lockdown, the government has temporarily relaxed planning and licensing laws to make it easier for businesses serving food and drink, such as bars, restaurants and pubs to seat and serve customers outdoors.

The Business and Planning Act has created a temporary fast track process for this type of business to get a pavement licence to allow removable tables and chairs on the pavement outside their business, to help maximise capacity while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

As part of the temporary pavement licence process, deemed planning consent is granted. Unless otherwise specified, the licence expires on 30 September 2022. The cost of the licence is £100.

Please read the temporary pavement licensing policy before applying. You will need to supply information as part of your application and if it is not provided in full it may result in delays to your application being granted, or it may be refused.

On the day you apply for a temporary pavement licence you must display a site notice on the premises so the notice is visible and can easily be read by anyone not on the premises. A template for the notice is available.

Apply for a temp licence

We have a shared Environmental Health and Licensing service with Mole Valley District Council. The application and payment for the temporary pavement licence is hosted on Mole Valley District Council's website, but the application will be processed by officers based in the Tandridge District.

If you have any questions on temporary pavement licences please contact customer services.

Premises Application Plan Last day for representations

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If you would like us to consider your comments on an application, please contact licensing before the date specified above.