How to complain about food

To complain about food sold in our area that may be unfit to eat please complete our environmental health complaint form giving as much detail as possible. We can look into your complaint.

To support businesses in achieving consistent standards of compliance with relevant legal requirements, including food safety, a business can ask a council to form a partnership with it, referred to as a Primary Authority Partnership, to provide regulatory advice other authorities have to respect. Further information is available at

This means when food safety matters, such as food complaints, are received the council within whose area the food product was purchased, must check if a Primary Authority Partnership exists between the food business concerned and a council. Where this exists, we will refer food complaints we receive to such Primary Authorities accordingly for input into the investigation.    

If your complaint is about mis-described food, labelling problems, food being sold past their use by date or best before date, watered down or adulterated food and counterfeit alcohol, you should report this to Surrey County Council’s Trading Standards.

Food bought outside the Tandridge district

If the food has been bought outside the Council's area, we can tell you which local authority should deal with your complaint. We may help transfer any food samples to that local authority.