Selling to the Council

We spend over £16m each year on a wide range of goods, services and works from external organisations. To ensure we get the best value for this spending, a significant proportion is by contract. We want our business opportunities to reach as many potential suppliers as possible, and especially welcome applications from SMEs and local businesses.

Contracts opportunities

You can find information on current tenders and contract opportunities at Tandridge on the South East Shared Services e-Sourcing portal.

Once registered, you will receive automatic e-mail notifications of the Council’s tender opportunities.

Existing contracts

We publish details of all current contracts with a value exceeding £5,000 on our Contracts register. This is updated quarterly.

Purchasing rules

The Council is bound by European Union and UK Government purchasing rules and by its own specific Financial Regulation of the Council's Constitution.

The value of the goods and services we buy determines how we will do business with you and the rules and procedures that we have to follow.

These rules are set out in our Contract standing orders.

These help us to get the best value for money and ensure fair competition for all our potential suppliers.

Terms and conditions

Our standard terms and conditions apply to every order placed by the Council with a supplier.

Further information

For further information, please see our Procurement Strategy and Supplier’s charter statement. Our Procurement Strategy follows the most recent guidance issued pursuant to the Local Government Association’s National Procurement Strategy 2018. It also reflects our commitment to climate change issues.   

For further information about the way we procure goods and services, please contact us.