Street collections

If you want to collect money or sell items for charity on the street and other public areas including shop doorways and car parks, you will need a street collection licence from us. A Pedlar’s certificate, for those selling door to door, cannot be used for charity street collections.

You can apply for your charity street collection licence online at and should apply at least one month before the collection date. There is no charge for the licence but you must follow our Street Collection Regulations. If you prefer to apply by post please complete and return our Street Collection Application Form.

We control the charity street collections allowed at any one time to avoid clashes. Please contact us before you apply so we can check the date you have in mind. You should let us know if your planned collection does not take place.

Direct debit canvassers

Charities canvassing the public on the street to donate by direct debit do not need a licence from us. We do, however, encourage them not to overlap their activities with any charities that have applied/already have permission to hold street collections.

Members of the Institute of Fundraising are reminded they should follow its Code of Fundraising Practice.

After your collection

We cannot issue a new street collection licence to you if we are awaiting a Statement of Return for any previous collection(s).

Publicising money raised from street collections

Details of street collections raising £150 or more must be published. We make that information available here:

Permitted applications

Date Collecting Organisation Location
17 February 2022 Active Prospects Croydon Road & Station Avenue, Caterham
28 May 2022 Oxted Rotary Club Outside Morrisons Oxted
25 June 2022 Croydon Male Voice Choir Church Walk Shopping Centre, Caterham
25 June 2022 Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity Amy Road, Station Road East & West, Hoskin's Road, Oxted
26 June 2022 Oxted Rotary Pram Race Charitable Trust Master Park, Station Road West, Old Oxted
2 July 2022 Renewed Hope Station Road East & West, outside Morrison's, Oxted
9 July 2022 Caterham Overseas Aid Trust Church Walk Shopping Centre, Caterham