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Tandridge District Council

You can search our document library for leaflets, forms, policies and plans. If you know the title of the document you are looking for, you can use the A-Z buttons, alternatively, view documents by topic, or search all documents.

All committee agendas and reports are available on our committee website

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View document library by topic

Document titleFormatFile size
Main Modifications Sustainability Appraisal AddendumPDF1.25 MB
Malthurst Townend, Town End Service Station, 36 Town End, Caterham CR3 5UGPDF0.15 MB
Management of Organisational Change PolicyPDF0.26 MB
Map of CR3 Neighbourhood AreaPDF0.20 MB
Map of Dormansland Proposed Neighbourhood Plan areaPDF0.15 MB
Map of proposed area in CrowhurstPDF0.16 MB
Marie Curie Urban Design Concept StatementPDF0.99 MB
Master Park, (Crown Events)PDF0.14 MB
Master Park, Oxted Beer Festival PDF0.17 MB
McColls, 10 East Grinstead Road, Lingfield RH7 6EPPDF0.15 MB
Meals on Wheels Leaflet 2017PDF0.36 MB
Medical ReportPDF0.40 MB
Members allowance 2015/16 csv0.00 MB
Mental Health First Aid Armed Forces (MHFA)PDF3.28 MB
Meridian Square in Hurst GreenPDF3.29 MB