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Councillors and meetings

Tandridge District Council has 42 councillorsThis link will open in a new window (This link will open in a new window) who are elected in thirds, which means 14 seats are usually contested at a time. Parties need 22 seats to control the Council. The current political balance is 34 Conservatives, 6 Liberal Democrats and 2 Independents and the Council is run by a Conservative administration.

Councillors & committees ›

Find out about your councillors and the committees they sit on.

Agendas and minutes ›

Dates for council meetings, along with agendas and minutes.

Elections and voting ›

Details about how to vote and the next elections.

Becoming a councillor ›

Find out what a councillor does and how you can apply to become one.

Political control ›

Details about the political control of the council since it was formed.

Councillor conduct ›

All councillors sign up to a code of conduct and have to disclose any interests they have relating to land, employment and ownership of land etc.