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Junk mail

Here are some ways you can cut the junk mail you receive:

  • Be careful what information you give out e.g. your address, in competition entries.
  • Contact a company directly to stop mail from a specific company.
  • Sign up with the Mailing Preference Society to stop unsolicited mail. Go online to register.
  • Use Royal Mail’s opt out service to stop receiving unaddressed mail. Email or write to Freepost RRBT-ZBXB-TTTS, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road, Oxford, OX1 1RX. 
  • Put a ‘no free newspapers or junk mail’ sticker on your letterbox.

You can recycle any junk mail you do receive in your blue lidded recycling bin or at a local recycling bank.

If you are bothered by unwanted telephone calls, register with the Telephone Preference Society by calling 0845 070 0707.