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Junk mail

Receiving mail you do not want can be reduced by being careful with the information you give out. For example if you enter a competition and give your address you may increase the amount of junk mail you receive.

  • To stop mail from a specific organisation contact the company directly.
  • To stop receiving unsolicited direct mail you can register with the mailing preference service. By supplying your name and address you will gradually receive less addressed junk mail. You will still receive mail from companies that you have done business with in the past eg catalogue companies. Register online or call 0845 703 4599 to request an application form.
  • To stop receiving local junk you may wish to put up a 'no free newspapers or junk mail' sticker on your letterbox. Don't forget, if you do receive junk mail, it can be recycled in your blue lidded recycling bin or at your local recycling bank site.

You can also register with the telephone preference service by calling 0845 070 0707 to stop unwanted telephone calls.

To stop receiving unaddressed mail delivered by Royal Mail you can e-mail the opt out service, or write to Freepost RRBT-ZBXB-TTTS, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road, Oxford, OX1 1RX. By using this service you will no longer receive unaddressed information from us, such as the Tandridge magazine.