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Smallfield, Burstow, Horne, Outwood

Smallfield SignSmallfield shop

In the south-west part of Tandridge near the M23 and Horley lies the village of Smallfield. Until the late 19th century there was little more to Smallfield than a few scattered houses and the manor house Smallfield Place, but the village has expanded during the 20th century to a population of over 2,000.

A hospital was built in the early part of this century and was used for Canadian airmen during the Second World War. It has now been redeveloped for housing, but the Canadian connection has been preserved in the names of the roads which are Canadian cities.

Burstow and Horne are much older settlements. Both have parish churches but are now small hamlets with populations of less than 500. In 1685, John Flamsteed, the first Astronomer Royal, became Rector of Burstow.

He had been appointed by Charles II in 1674 and was put in charge of the newly-built Greenwich Observatory, where he determined the position of almost 3,000 stars. He died in 1719 and is buried in the chancel of the church.

Outwood lies in the northern part of Burstow parish and is well known for its windmill which was built in 1665. The National Trust owns Outwood Common, a popular open space.

Outwood WindmillOutwood Sign