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On line health and safety report form

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Please enter the postcode in the box below, including the space, ie RH8 0BT, and click the search button.

Hazard 1
Do you have a safety policy?

If Yes, is this policy written down or recorded?

Have you carried out risk assessments of the hazards in your workplace and put in place measures to control or eliminate those hazards?

Are you reviewing these risk assessments when things change or happen that suggest they are no longer appropriate?

Are you training your employees in safe working procedures?

If Yes, can you prove you have trained them in safe working practises?

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The priority topics

Work at height

Does any employee have to carry out any work at height?

Have you undertaken a risk assessment of such work at height?

Have you provided safe means of access to and a safe place of work at height?

Are employees trained in safe access and working at height

Have you eliminated work at height?

Slips and trips

Is anyone exposed to slip and trip hazards?

Have you included slips and trips in your risk assessment and is this recorded?

Are floors well maintained, free from obstruction and suitable for the work being carried out?

Are spillages quickly and effectively cleaned up?

Do you put warning signs up to warn people about spillages of wet floors

Are any stairs well constructed and fitted with handrails?

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Workplace transport

Does anyone have to use a car or vehicle at this workplace?

Have you carried out a risk of vehicle use at the workplace and recorded your findings?

Manual handling

Does anyone have to lift, push or pull any load which could put them at risk of injury?

Have you carried out a risk assessment of the tasks, taken action and recorded your findings?

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Have you identified whether any asbestos is present, checked its condition and implemented a plan to manage the exposure or workers to asbestos where this is required?

Would you inform contractors of the presence of any asbestos?

Do you share health and safety information and risk assessments with contractors you might use?


Have you assessed what chemicals and health hazards are created during work activities?

Have you eliminated or reduced the hazards to health?

Have staff be trained in the safe use of chemicals and how to prevent exposure to hazards to their health?

Do staff need to wear any protective equipment for their work such as gloves, goggles, aprons and masks?

If yes, are those staff trained in the correct use of their personal protective equipment?

Occupational health and stress

Have you thought about work which might cause illness, taken steps to reduce or eliminate such hazards and recorded your risk assessments of such occupational health hazards?

Have you considered stress at work when you considered health hazards at work?

Asking for help or information

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