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Food premises self inspection form - Catering

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Please note that fields marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory and these must be completed.

About your business

Please enter the postcode in the box below, including the space, ie RH8 0BT, and click the search button.

Does anyone have training in HACCP principles (advanced, intermediate, level 3 or similar formal training in HACCP Principals)

Food safety controls used

How would you describe the controls in this food business

Documents and records (if any)

Records kept (please tick all that apply)

Do you serve more that 20 customers per day *

Do you provide food for more than 20 elderly persons, children under 5 or the sick each day

Potential hazards

Food hygiene training or instruction is provided for food handlers

Are food handlers trained in HACCP principles *

Is ‘refresher’ training provided?

Does anyone working at the premises have training in HACCP principles or an advanced or intermediate level food hygiene qualification?

Hygiene standards for food handlers

Where do you get your food from

Delivery or receipt of food

Food storage

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Stock rotation


Cooking, reheating, keeping food hot


Display, cold and hot food

Cleaning and disinfection

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What checks and measures do you take to prevent pests contaminating food or getting into food rooms?

Do you have a pest control contractor?

Tracing Foods

Are you aware of any work or improvements required to ensure food safety? *

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