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Flytipping reporting form

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If the road is obstructed do not use this form, report immediately to Surrey County Council 0300 200 1003.
If you are a Tandridge resident, please enter your postcode in the box below, including the space, ie RH8 0BT, and click the search button.

*Please note that the above are not mandatory fields. However, failure to provide contact details will mean that the Council is unable to get back in contact with you in the event of the fly tip not being the Council's responsibility or if the Council is unable to locate the tip and may prevent any prosecution on the basis of the information you provide.
Did you see the tipping take place? *

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Did the tipped waste appear to be toxic?

Did the tipped waste appear to have any chemicals included?

Did the tipped waste appear to have any asbestos included?

Is the fly tip near any drains or water ways?

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Witness report of tip

Please note that the reason of asking for this information is in the event of wishing to take matters forward for prosecution.
Tandridge District council will pay a reward of up to £500 on conviction of persons responsible for flytipping.

Was the weather sunny, cloudy, dark, bright, raining etc.
Please enter a description including: colour, size, registration, any company marks and any other details you can give.
Please put in as much detail about the people doing the tipping as possible including how many people were involved, what clothes they were wearing, their build (heavy/slim etc) their hair colour and anything else you can remember.

Ownership of Land

Is this land public?

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