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Tenant participation

Tenant Participation is a two way process of sharing information and ideas, where tenants and tenant groups are able to influence decisions and take part in the decision-making process.

Within Tandridge this means building closer links with tenants through tenants groups and discussing any proposed changes to the housing service before decisions are made. Keeping tenants informed and giving them opportunity to be involved in decisions about their housing is central to the development of the service.

Tenants and councillors have agreed a structure for participation, set out in the Tenant Participation Compact. This will ensure the partnership that has been developed flourishes. Tenant and leaseholder representatives attend a variety of meetings, conferences, focus groups and training sessions.

Tenants' and Leaseholders' Newsletters

Tandridge Tenants Talking is produced by the Residents' Forum twice a year and sent to every council tenant and leaseholder.

For copies of previous newsletters, please contact your Management Officer.

You can also complete the Have your say about housing services form to tell us how you would like to be involved.

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