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Rent Deposit Scheme

Next Step logoNextstep is a housing service delivered by the YMCA, housing individuals and couples aged 18+ with private rented accommodation. They will help clients with limited means, who are unable to raise a rent deposit themselves, by offering landlords with private property to rent a bond as security for a deposit.

Nextstep could help if:

  • You have a local connection to Tandridge
  • You cannot raise a deposit
  • You have difficulties finding suitable accommodation   
  • You are struggling to find a landlord   
  • You are in housing need.

Nextstep can offer you: 

  • A free service
  • A guarantee deposit bond in place of a cash deposit to your landlord
  • Assistance with all tenancy paperwork
  • Direct liaison with your landlord
  • Assistance with finding accommodation and visiting properties
  • Support and advice throughout your tenancy
  • If required, assistance with applying for and monitoring housing benefit claims.

Contact Nextstep on 01737 378482 for further information and to apply. 

If you would rather see a Nextstep adviser face-to-face they hold drop-in sessions at the Council Offices in Oxted every Monday from 10am - 4pm. You can speak to an adviser in Housing Needs for further details on 01883 732824 or 01883 732826.


Landlords with property to rent

If you own a property in Tandridge, the Private Sector Access Scheme may be able to help you find suitable tenants.