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What are pre-tenancy determinations?

Pre Tenancy Determinations (PTD) can only be made for claims that are not assessed under the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules. If you are a new customer or moving house to a private rented accommodation PTD will not apply to you, instead please see the LHA pages to tell you how your rent will be worked out.

If you have been assessed as a continuous claimant since before April 2008 and your rent is being altered you can still apply for a PTD

A PTD is a decision by the Rent Service about how much rent Tandridge District Council can use to work out Housing Benefit.

Because the rent decision is made before the tenant and landlord sign a contract it can help them to decide whether to enter into a rental agreement. A request for a PTD must be signed by the landlord & the person who might want to take out a tenancy.

A PTD is not a decision about how much Housing Benefit somebody might receive, you can ask the Benefits Service to do a trial calculation that would provide an indication of how much Housing Benefit a person might get. However a final decision will only be made once a claim has actually been made to the Council.

Application forms for a Pre-Tenancy Determination can be obtain from Tandridge District Council Offices, or by telephoning 01883 732900

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