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Does the Council provide a handyperson service to do small jobs around the home and how much does it cost?

Our Handyman undertakes essential repairs and maintenance that are too small for general contractors to price but are too difficult for older and disabled clients to tackle on their own.

Typical jobs will take less than two hours and include the installation of grab rails, minor carpentry, shelving and securing loose carpets.

There is a charge for this service. The Handyperson scheme charges £17.50 an hour for those on means tested benefits.

For those not in receipt of benefits, the charge is £26  an hour.

If the job is too large for the handyman to carry out, it will be referred back to the Agency where staff will assist in finding another solution.

The Care & Repair Agency has also received external funding to subsidise a qualified local plumber and local electrician to provide services to clients at reduced rates. These are £20.00 per hour for those in receipt of benefits and £30.00 per hour for those not in receipt of benefits. 

Please be aware that all charges quoted do not include VAT or the cost of any materials

We cannot offer a same day service, although priority will be given to urgent cases where health and safety is an issue.

For further information please contact Customer Services on 01883 722000 or email

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