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What can I do if I have concerns about a planning application and what happens to comments I make?

Details of the application can either be viewed at the Council Offices or by using our Planning online application search.

You can support, object or make general comments on any planning application. You comments should be restricted to land use planning matters as these are all that we can take into account. There are no formal rules that need to be followed. As long as we receive your comments in writing within 21 days of the date of the neighbour notification letter (or other advertisement or site notice) we guarantee they will be considered as part of the planning application process. We will take into account any comments that are received prior to the Council making a decision.

The Council cannot advise you what comments to make on an application nor will we enter into correspondence about the application or about objections to it. However, to assist you, the following matters are generally held not to be relevant in considering planning applications:

  • the effect on property values;
  • aspects covered by other legislation;
  • protection of a private view;
  • the existence of covenants and other private legal restrictions;
  • the impact of construction noise;
  • private neighbour disputes;
  • financial gain or commercial interests; or
  • the character or motives of the applicant.

If you wish to make comments you can submit these online, once you have found the planning application using the Planning online application search, or by email to Otherwise send a letter to the Chief Planning Officer, Tandridge District Council, Council Offices, Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT and your letter will be passed to the case officer.

Please make sure you provide the application number (if you have it), the site address and your name and address. We cannot accept anonymous comments.This is so we can pass on your comments to the relevant case officer.  You can follow the progress of the application using the Planning online application search.

The Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 allows anyone the right to examine and receive copies of your representations either in person at the Council offices or through our web site.

All comments received on planning applications will be published on the Council’s web site for inspection, subject to data protection rules which mean that personal data such as signatures, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will be redacted prior to publication.  Where the Council considers that the content of letters is potentially libellous or defamatory, contain abusive, obscene or racist language or contain information which should not be circulated, it reserves the right to remove the offending information before publication, with or without the consent of the author.  However, the Council will retain an unaltered copy of the letter on the planning file which would be available for inspection although not by published means.  Those commenting on planning applications should ensure that they are satisfied that the content of their letters would not open them to legal challenge.

Due to the number of applications and letters received it is not possible to acknowledge receipt of any letter, nor is it possible to reply to any issues or questions raised, or to provide further information other than that contained in the application drawings and accompanying documents. But, if you make written representations, your views will be carefully considered in determining the application.


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